Notes to Myself

Thank you to Marcus Aurelius for the writings which became the book known today as Meditations. While I am not a philosopher king, nor a great scholar, I believe there is power in writing notes to myself in a similar style as Marcus did in Meditations about life and the world.

To practice philosophy and to nurture your thoughts, you should write regularly. Write in the form of notes to yourself. Write down your thoughts, ideas, learnings in a way which helps evolve your thinking and thought system. 

Write in a way that can be shrared publicly while not for the purpose of being shared as a formal publication or worse as a marketing piece. 

The posts you write in this form is for you and if others so desire they can read and may gain some benefits, however remember the purpose is practice writing about your thoughts as lessons and instructions for life, business, parenting, or whatever topic seems important to capture. 

The "Notes to Myself" blog category is not a journal nor a formal publication.