Freedom to be Happy and Live in the Moment



On a recent flight from Singapore to the US during an emotional time in my life, while scrunched up in economy for 24+ hours, I stumbled upon the documentary film The Search for Freedom by Jon Long.  I was blown away by the message, visuals, and stories from pioneers in adventure sports.

I was excited to share the film with my children and others to open their eyes to the importance of connecting with nature, the spirit of adventure sports, and the power of living in the moment.  You can check out the trailer below, but I encourage you to experience the full film.

I've been passionate about the outdoors and adventure sports since I was a young child long before mobile phones and video games. 

Over the last 17 years, during an intense relationship with growing demands and expectations I was on a non-stop treadmill in pursuit of wealth. During this time my connection to nature and adventure sports waned. Pushing me into an abyss consumed by the past and fear of the future - not a mental space of freedom and presence. During this period the most positive memories were often outdoors with family experiencing the activity of the moment with full presence.

After going through some recent major life changes, I focused on healing and building my personal strength by living more mindfully. As part of this process, I simplified my daily life, focused on the basics and reconnected with nature through outdoor sports. This has allowed me to reduce stress, improve health both physically and mentally, all while increasing my creativity and productivity in work.

I want to inspire my sons and others who see this to develop a passion for the outdoors, health, adventure sports, and presence.

My dream is to help my sons discover and hold onto their freedom to be happy and live in the moment. 

Below are some memories where I found freedom in the moment. I encourage you to reflect on times when you found freedom in the moment and consciously seek freedom in the moment each day.