Tools to Support the Goals of Your Life Journey

We live in an avalanche of stuff. Consumerism continues to drive demand for millions of products across numerous categories of electronics, apps, household items, excess clothing, and all kinds of shit. For reference as of August 2017, sells 537 million products with 149.5 million of those in the category of clothing, shoes, and jewelry.

After realizing I was living an overly materialistic life with stuff that had diminishing value and meaning, I shifted my focus to living with intention, reducing attachment to stuff, and redefining meaning for the things around me.  This is counter to people who engage in compulsive hoarding, unhealthy attachment, and hold onto illusions about the meaning of stuff.

My awakening started with deep emotional pain and loss of everything important to me. This is included the loss of all material wealth and possessions. Around the same time I lost much more important non-material "things" such as access to my children, friendships, health, faith, will to live, inner peace, and love. Through this experience I re-gained clarity on the truth of what is important in my life, knowledge I had previously and was taught as a young man before my life went astray.

Here are some "things" or better defined as goals that are important to me on my life journey:

  • Relationship with my children and supporting their life journey
  • Loving Relationships
  • Health
  • Contributing to enhancing lives of people around me
  • Self Love
  • Positive and enriching experiences and adventures
  • Inner Peace - mentally and spiritually
  • Continuous improvement and learning
  • Will and self discipline
  • Freedom
  • Happiness for myself and the people around me

After clarifying my goals, I do my best to select tools that help me achieve my goals. This is part of what is known as living with intention. These tools are intentionally selected physical items, apps, techniques, or knowledge in alignment with what is important to me and helps achieve my goals.

I encourage you to redefine your relationship with stuff, define your goals, and carefully choose your tools to support a fulfilling life journey.

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